Alguns testimonis de reportatges de casaments

Buscàvem un fotògraf que passes desapercebut a la boda, no ens agradava el fet de que ens anessin dient: ara posat així, ara mira cap allà,… ni sentint-se tota l’estona
controlats. El Benet es va convertir en un convidat més, va ser pacient i atent, i vàrem estar molt molt a gust. Va saber fer-nos sentir còmodes i ens va ajudar a gaudir d’aquest dia tan especial. A més, el treball que fa fer va ser preciós i vàrem quedar encantats.

Testimonis reportatges de casament Barcelona | Soley Fotografia_12
Marta i Jordi

En Benet va ser increïblement professional des del primer moment i, definitivament, un perfeccionista. No teníem una idea clara sobre l’àlbum ni el tipus de fotografies que volíem, el que haguès pogut ser alguna dificultat per a altres fotògrafs, però en Benet va ser capaç de donar-nos la direcció i claredat, i els resultats van ser fantàstics. L’única cosa que li vem demanar al Benet va ser que les nostres fotografies fossin naturals i relaxades i ens va lliurar un àlbum ple d’exactament això. Gràcies per tot.

Testimonis reportatges de casament Barcelona Soley Fotografia
Eimear i Marty

Estem més que feliços de recomanar-te com a fotògraf. Ens vam quedar encantats amb les fotos del nostre casament, que es veuen naturals i no massa “posades” i tots ens vem sentir molt relaxats i còmodes amb tu. Tenim moltes fotos bones per triar! Vas estar allà tot el dia i fins i tot et vas quedar fins al ball. Sense oblidar que et vas assegurar que arribés a temps a l’església, ¡quan el xofer no estava segur d’on anava!

Testimonis reportatges de casament Barcelona | Soley Fotografia
Christine i Stephen

It was pleasure to work with Benet and we were really impressed by his professional and mannerly approach. We were thrilled with our photos and feel that they really capture all the emotions and personalities we had on the day. We loved the informal nature of the photos- our album tells the story of our day through the really special moments- those times when we didn’t even know the camera was there. Thank you Benet.

Testimonis reportatges de casament Barcelona Soley Fotografia
Siun i Sean

Ens agradaria donar les gràcies a Benet per a les meravelloses fotos del nostre casament. Va capturar tots els aspectes del nostre dia especial, des de les fotos oficials de la família fin les fotos naturals de tots els nostres convidats. Estem particularment impressionats amb lo fàcil que Ha sigue treballar amb ell i lo dur que va treballar al llarg del nostre dia (i la nit!) per obtenir les millors fotos possibles. El recomenem mol a qualsevol parella que es vagi a casar.

Testimonis reportatges de casament Barcelona Soley Fotografia
Yvonne i Colum

Estem encantats d’haver tingut al Benet com el nostre fotògraf del casament. Ens va fer sentir relaxats i confiats i va fer fotos increïbles. El nostre àlbum de casament és simplement fantàstic, un record bonic i artístic d’un dia meravellós. Moltes gràcies Benet!

Testimonis reportatges de casament Barcelona Soley Fotografia
Sioban i Carlos

Només volíem donar-te les gràcies des del fons dels nostres cors per a les increïbles fotografies i àlbum que vas fer per nosaltres. Les fotografies són fantàstiques i realment capten cada detall i l’emoció del dia des de el principi fins al final de la nit. Vas esforçar-te més enllà del que esperàvem! Per a qui no li agrada ser fotografiat realment vas tenir una presència relaxant i vas estar genial en la captura de tot el dia, sense ser intrusiu en cap moment i sense perdre aquests moments naturals. No tenim cap dubte en recomanar-te a tu i els seus serveis a qualsevol parella a la recerca d’un fotògraf de casament. El nostre àlbum de casament sempre serà apreciat. Moltes gràcies.

Testimonis reportatges de casament Barcelona Soley Fotografia
Suzanne i Daniel

Benet, Just wanted to say a huge huge thank you for all your hard work – the results have been amazing.
We got a great recommendation from our wedding planner and we are so glad we picked you to work with for our big day! From our first meeting the day before our wedding until the day our albums and dvd arrived at our home we have been very impressed with you and your work.
You were very welcoming and so easy to work with. You were able to customise a package to suit our needs and your knowledge of the venue and it’s surroundings worked really well on the day -everything went off so smoothly and it meant that we were able to spend some quality time with our quests.
You had our photos (all 700+) up on the website within a week or two of us returning from our honeymoon – very impressed with your quick timing on this.
Your ideas for the ablums were great -you took our ideas on board as well as guiding us so expertly with what worked and what didn’t work in relation to covers, layout, borders, positioning of photos, the little details, etc. We loved what you created so much so that we changed very little after your first draft. Everyone we have shown the album to has been very impressed with the results. And our parents albums are a lovley momento for them of our big day.
I have to say that the speed at which you were able to turn around the album was great -my brother who got married 7 weeks before me is still waiting for his ablum -6 months turnaround in Ireland is the norm. You managed it in 3 months.
All in all -a great job, we’re so pleased with everything you have done for us. If we know anyone travelling to Barcelona that needs a photographer we will definitely recommend you again. Best of luck.

Testimonis reportatges de casament Barcelona Soley Fotografia
Elaine i Danny

We were extremely happy with Benet and with the great job he did at our wedding! We just had a very small, intimate gathering of our closest family and friends, at our home. But he treated our event with just as much care as if we were having a big traditional wedding. We originally chose him because of the high quality of the photos on his website, and the warm, personal style of his photography. But now we would also highly recommend because of his professionalism, flexibility, and creativity. Our partially outdoor ceremony had some special challenges with lighting and space, but he took it all in stride and didn’t let it affect the quality of his work at all. He even came back after the honeymoon to take a couple more pictures to complete some of the personal touches we had asked for. Then he continued to work with us afterwards with our photo album until we had something that we were super excited about. We really could not be happier with the quality of his work and would recommend him for any type of wedding or special event.

Testimonis reportatges de casament Barcelona Soley Fotografia
Melody i Carles

We highly recommend Benet and Ambar Fotografs – Benet was great at helping us do the wedding photography planning which made the whole process low-stress. He is clearly a professional and helped us manage the day’s “photography tasks” very easily. During our events, Benet was integrated into the party but unobtrusive and seemed to magically get all the right angles and jump from place to place with ease. We’re so happy with the final result and think we got such great value and quality, not to mention the enjoyment of working with someone so accommodating and lovely!

Testimonis reportatges de casament Barcelona Soley Fotografia
Polly i Joe